A rear view of Sion Hill Hall

Sion Hill Hall

Sion Hill Hall is a beautiful Neo-Georgian house built in 1913 and was one of the last important country houses to be built before the Great War. The house was designed by the renowned York Architect Walter H Brierley.

All rooms can be viewed including the dining room, boudoir, smoking room, bedrooms and even the kitchen can be viewed in its former glory. The house is furnished with a wealth of antique furniture, porcelain, paintings and clocks collected in a lifetime by Herbert Mawer.

Sion Hill Hall Birds of Prey
Sion Hill Hall Birds of Prey and conservation centre.

Not to be missed at the rear of the grounds, is the Birds of Prey and Conservation Centre in the Victorian walled garden. The birds including owls, falcons, buzzards, Hawks, Kestrels and eagles, are on view and flying demonstrations take place at regular intervals throughout the day. I found these particularly interesting as some participation by the audience was encouraged. Group or private training in the handling and flying of birds of prey can also be arranged at the centre.

Sion Hill Hall is situated off the A167 at Kirby Wiske near Thirsk.

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