This is the Village of Hutton-le-Hole which is very green with lots of sheep. To me it has similarities with Goathland which is also in North Yorkshire.

Ryedale Folk Museum

The Ryedale Folk Museum is located in another of North Yorkshires many picturesque villages. Hutton-le-Hole is an attractive unspoiled village with lots of green grass a stream running through its centre and sheep roaming free, ideal for a picnic but watch where you sit down.

Ryedale Cruck Cottage
Stang End Cruck cottage is a typical moorland farmhouse from the early 18th century. In 1704 it was occupied by a newly married couple John & Anne Huntly. It was rescued from Danby and reconstructed at Ryedale, where it has been restored to illustrate its original decor and furnishings.

The Ryedale Folk Museum as its name suggests shows the history of how North Yorkshire folk have lived from the earliest inhabitants up to around the 1950’s. There are thirteen historic buildings, set in three acres, many of which have been transported from their original locations, reconstructed, and faithfully restored to how they would have been decorated and furnished at the time they were originally built.

Ryedale Manor House
This Elizabethan Manor house has cruck beams over 30 feet long, soaring up to support the thatched roof.

The buildings include a variety of thatched cruck cottages, an Elizabethan manor house, shops, barns and workshops. The shops can be viewed from the inside and have been well stocked with sweets, medicines and hardware etc. relevant to the period. There are many unique exhibits not to be missed like the 1850’s Merryweather fire engine, Farndale horse drawn hearse, Yorkshire Bow Top caravan and the Edwardian photographic studio with its renowned Hayes collection of photographs.

Ryedale Shops
This is a row of early retail and craft shops that are set out as if the craftsman has just left the room. They include the village store, saddler, blacksmith, cobbler and wheelwright. There are regular demonstrations of craft working using the original tools.

Added to all this are the many displays of living crafts, agricultural tools, conservation projects and the newly established Highfields collection of farm animal rare breeds and old varieties of vegetables. The whole museum portrays the changing way of Yorkshire rural life life over the last centuries, presented in an interesting setting. It is not surprising that the museum has proven to be very popular with visiting school parties.

ryedale map
Map of Ryedale.

The Museum is located just off the A170 Thirsk to Scarborough road at Hutton-le-Hole.

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